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Traditional Thai massage (30 mins/25€, 60 min/€ 40, 90 min/€ 60)

Traditional Thai yoga massage (Streching), performed without oil, using just a cotton pajamas, Know as the "yoga for the lazy", rejuvenate joints, improves mood and motor skils.

Traditional Thai Massage

Reflexology foot massage (30 mins/25€, 60 min/€ 40, 90 min/€ 60)

Business card of Thai Massage. It includes feet, legs, neck and shoulders. Will help you to relax and relieve stress. Energy will flow freely through the energy channels, minimize fatigue, improve sleep and harmonized state of mind.

Thai foot massage reflexology

Thai oil massage (30 mins/25€, 60 min/€ 40, 90 min/€ 60)

Realaxing body massage in Thai technique, know worldwide for its tradition of relaxation and harmonize body and soul betweeb ourselves and the world.

Thai oil massage

Thai herbal massage (60 mins/55€, 90 mins/75€)

Traditional Thai massage with hot herbal bags, fine art of relaxtion and aromatherapy. This massage treatment result in smooth points of asset and bioenergetics meridians that transmit impulses to the body returning its vital energy.

Thai herbal massage

Thai back, neck, shoulders & head massage
(30 mins/25€, 60 min/€ 40, 90 min/€ 60)

Include yourself with a massage that will help you with all the accumulated tension in the lower back and shoulders. This massage gives a feeling of lightness and helps to eliminate the stress that is accumulated in these points of our body.

Thai back neck shoulder & head massage

Combination massage (60 min/€ 45, 90 min/€ 70)

The Combination Massage treatment is a combination of relaxation massage and deep tissue massage, drawing a full range of massage techniques; such as, Thai massage, Swedish massage, Reflexology and more. This treatment allows you to soothe your musscles and to invigorate your body.

Combination massage

Thai hot stone (60 min/€ 55, 90 min/€ 75)

This massage gives deep therapeutically result. It calm, it warms, and it gives relaxation. Warm volcanic stnes, put on your body in special areas, provide its space energy flow into the body and support inside balance. This exotic treatment is perfect for sensitive and energy depent people. This warm therapy also gives lymph drainage and makes a positive effect on your vitality.

Thai hot stone

Quick chair massage (20 min/€ 15)

Relax about

• Neck

• Shoulders

• Head

• Arms

• Hands

• Back

Thai hot stone

Deep tissue (30 min/€ 30, 60 min/€ 45, 90 min/€ 70)

A medium to strong deep pressure massage which minimises recovery time for stressed and tense muscles. The intensive strokes work to loosen and relax the muscles.

Deep tissue

4 Hands massage (30 min/€ 40, 60 min/€ 80)

In a 4 hands massage, there are two massage therapists who work in synchronization to give a full body experince. Essentially, this style is like receiving two massages at the same time.

4 Hands massage

Head & Face massage (30 min/€ 25, 60 min/€ 40, 90 min/€ 60)

Relax your face muscles.

No more migraines.

Head & Face massage

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